Moncton Kidnapper Denied Parole, Remains In Jail

A 76-year-old Moncton man will remain behind bars after Canadian justice officials denied his application for parole last week.

The Parole Board of Canada ruled Ronald Jacques Cormier, who has been in prison since August 2011, will not be released as officials deemed him too much of a risk for the community.

Cormier is serving an 18-year sentence after he kidnapped a woman at knifepoint from downtown Moncton in February 2010 and held her captive for 26 days in a basement apartment.

He was later found guilty in August 2011 of kidnapping, sexual assault, unlawful confinement, robbery with a weapon, assault with a weapon, and uttering threats.

The parole board says Cormier was released last fall, spending about one month at a halfway house before returning to prison due to inappropriate behaviour.

While he remains locked up at a Quebec prison, the parole board ruling says he will receive a parole hearing within a year.