Moncton mounties investigate suspicious candy bags

Halloween might be over, but the Codiac RCMP wants Moncton area residents to keep an eye out for candy bags bound to scare some parents.

Police received a report Tuesday of suspicious candy found in a child’s bag after trick-or-treating” in the Evergreen neighbourhood.

“Parents located two small misshapen ‘candies’ that did not appear to be commercially produced and were wrapped in wax paper,” police said.

“None of the suspicious ‘candies’ were ingested, no one was injured and the items were subsequently seized by police.”

Police are sharing pictures of the “candies” to educate parents and encourage them to inspect their children’s treat bags.

“We understand that this can be alarming for parents, and we are investigating the matter,” said S/Sgt. Jonathan White with the Codiac Regional RCMP.

“We are encouraging parents to call us if they also saw this in their child’s Halloween treats, however, at this point, it remains an isolated event.”

Mounties suggest as a general rule, candy should not be consumed if it has:

  • An unusual appearance or discoloration
  • Tiny pinholes or tears in wrappers 
  • Spoiled or unwrapped items
  • Wrapping that is not commercially produced
  • Homemade items or baked goods should be discarded unless you personally know who gave them. 
  • And “when in doubt, throw it out”

The investigation is ongoing.