Take extra care to winterize your summer home: RCMP

EDMONTON — As summer winds down, people might want to take extra precautions to prevent break and enters at their seasonal homes.

The Alberta RCMP confirmed this week there were 386 reported break and enters to seasonal properties in various jurisdictions in 2022.

While July had the most reports, coming in at 42, January and December each had 41 reports, the RCMP said.

“While we have seen a decrease so far this year, in comparison to previous years, we would like to remind [residents] of some of the ways they can continue to keep their properties safe,” police said.

Mounties suggest taking home valuables, storing anything left behind, and locking sheds, garages, doors and windows.

Fuel tanks on off-highway vehicles like ATVs should be emptied and put on blocks.

Police also suggest installing security cameras and an alarm to monitor your property from a distance.

Trimming shrubs or bushes to ensure clear sight lines can deter possible thieves as well, Mounties said, as well as clearing snow to make it look like someone is home.

“If possible, periodically checking on your property allows you to ensure nothing is amiss,” investigators said.

“If your property isn’t cared for, it’s easier for a crime to go undetected and unreported.”

RCMP encourage the public to report suspicious activity to police by calling 911 or Crime Stoppers if they see a crime in progress.