Majority of Canadians support safe, legal abortion access: poll

HALIFAX — Most Canadians are highly supportive of a people having the ability to obtain safe, legal abortions, a new poll suggests.

Halifax-based surveyor Narrative Research polled 1,231 Canadians last month and found 59 per cent were completely in favour of safe, legal abortions.

Meanwhile, 21 per cent were mostly supportive and 13 per cent opposed. Seven per cent offered no opinion.

“Over one year ago, just days before the US Supreme Court reversed the decision in Roe v. Wade … we asked Canadians their opinions regarding the right to choose a safe and legal abortion in this country,” said Margaret Chapman, COO and partner at Narrative Research, in a release.

“With increasing attacks on abortion rights in the US over the last year, and some public discussion of the topic in Canada, we wanted to find if public opinion has changed in the last year.”

Research suggests results are consistent with those of June 2022, with 80 per cent of Canadians supporting a person’s right to choose.

The company said results are consistent across most regions and demographics, including gender.

Compared with last year, Atlantic Canadians are now more likely to support safe and legal abortions in Canada.

Consistent with last year’s results, support for the right to an abortion increases with household income and the level of formal education.

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