N.B. promises more money to help residents manage energy costs

The provincial government committed Friday to invest an additional $30 million this year to help more New Brunswickers make their homes more energy efficient and manage their monthly energy bills.

Officials said the money, partially funded by the New Brunswick Advantage Savings Fund, would go towards the Enhanced Energy Savings Program, which offers energy efficiency upgrades, like heat pumps and upgraded insulation.

The province had already allocated $70 million to the program.

Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland said the Higgs government wants to provide more New Brunswickers with opportunities to better manage their energy costs.

“Our government knows that these are challenging times for New Brunswickers who are struggling to make ends meet due to rising costs,” he said.

Government said 3,327 homeowners have benefited from the program and work is underway on another 1,800 homes, and the added funding will allow NB Power to reduce the wait list by helping 3,000 more homeowners through the program this year.

Participating homeowners could see their energy bills drop by roughly $500 per year.

Details about the program can be found here.