Woodmen’s Museum receives funding for infrastructure upgrades

One of New Brunswick’s major historical sites is set to receive significant upgrades after provincial and federal governments put forward new funding on Thursday.

The Central New Brunswick Woodmen’s Museum is receiving $115,563 from the province and another $92,450 from Ottawa, which will go towards a new septic system, drain tile and culvert replacement, eavestrough installation and parking lot upgrades.

“The Woodmen’s Museum tells the story of our logging industry, which is an important part of the province’s history and an important part of our community,” said Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin MLA Mike Dawson.

“Our government is pleased to support upgrades that will ensure that the museum remains a key tourism attraction for years to come.”

The museum’s executive director, Christine Jean, said securing adequate funding as a rural museum is a continuous challenge, especially as it faces an overwhelming need for extensive infrastructure repairs.

Federal and provincial support, she said, allows the museum to emphasize local heritage, New Brunswick’s lumbering history and its deep-rooted connection to nature through education.

“Our museum reflects the deep roots of local history and its enduring traditions,” said Jean.

“Beyond its artifacts, it is the rich narratives they unfold and the lessons they share that truly matter. By investing in our museum today, we aim to ensure that its narratives and lessons resonate with future generations.”

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