Efforts to modernize Moncton theatre underway with new funds

The show will go on at Moncton’s Capitol Theatre after federal and provincial partners announced a project to modernize the facility.

Work is underway to add barrier-free seats in the main hall, buy a new sound console and new LED panel system.

The province said it would enhance the technical quality of live shows and improve the venue’s accessibility.

“The Capitol Theatre is central to artistic creation in southeastern New Brunswick, and I am delighted to see it evolving as it continues to fulfill its mission,” said Moncton Member of Parliament Ginette Petitpas Taylor.

The provincial government is investing $260,000 and the federal government is providing $450,000.

“The project will … maintain the theatre’s reputation as the region’s premiere state-of-the-art facility,” said Kim Rayworth, the theatre’s managing director.

“The need for new seats in the main hall has been emphasized repeatedly through patron surveys.”

There is no word on when modernization is set to begin.