Increasing primary care access in Saint John

Some residents of Saint John could have better access to primary care thanks to a new service through the Horizon Health Network.

Officials announced Wednesday the network’s health centre in uptown Saint John now offers same-day, self-referral appointments with a physician or nurse practitioner (NP).

It’s expected to provide major support to those looking for primary care in the Saint John area.

“We’re very excited to expand our current capacities and provide more options for patients to access timely care,” said Susan Neal, Horizon’s primary health care director for Saint John.

“By offering people the option to self-refer, we are helping alleviate some of the pressures in our emergency departments and support those who don’t have a family physician or primary health care provider.”

Horizon said appointments are available Monday to Thursday. They must be booked over the phone.

Appointments will be available each day starting at 8:30 a.m. Once they are filled, callers will be told to call back later.

A limited waitlist will also be created for patients who can attend on short notice in the event of cancellations.