Changes to hunting regs give NBers more chances to trap, hunt

Changes to the province’s Fish and Wildlife Act could give New Brunswickers more chances to hunt and trap.

Several changes brought into effect recently include lowering the age requirement for deer and bear hunting licenses from 16 to 12.

“I consider myself so fortunate to live in a province with such a strong hunting and trapping tradition and rich natural resources,” said Natural Resources Minister Mike Holland in a news release.

“We encourage more New Brunswickers to take part in outdoor activities, such as hunting, while making it easier for them to participate.”

The province is also establishing a one-week period following the end of deer hunting season, where deer licence holders can hunt only using a muzzle-loading firearm.

Officials said the decision to lower the age requirement for deer or bear hunting licences is to create hunting mentorship opportunities.

All people aged 12 to 15, however, must be accompanied by an adult while hunting.

In addition, the other changes aim to expand opportunities related to bear and deer hunting, popular recreational activities in the province.

There is also a change to the fee structure for deer registration with a new fee of $4 to be paid directly by hunters to deer registration agents.

Online registration of deer harvest will remain a no-cost option for hunters, who must register their harvested deer no later than 24 hours after the close of hunting season.