Saint John Transit to increase bus fare prices

Saint Johners who are “taking it easy” when they take the bus will need to shell out some extra cash next year.

Saint John Transit announced on Wednesday single ride fares paid for in cash will increase from $2.75 to $3 on Jan. 1, 2024.

“This represents the first cash fare increase in 11 years,” the transit authority said in a news release.

“Other fare categories will also increase for the first time in seven years.”

Officials said a 30-day pass for adults will go up from $77 to $81. Students will pay $71.50, up from $66.

Seniors will also increase by $5 to $60.

Meanwhile, 10-ride passes will go up by $1.50 for students, students and seniors, and a ticket on the COMEX is increasing by 25 cents to $4.25.

The 30-day pass, however, will increase by $4 to $129.

City officials said fare increases allow the commission to address rising operational costs, like vehicles, fuel, maintenance and insurance.

It comes as the agency continues to expand service and introduce new technology and system enhancements.

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