Pilot project targets speedsters in Saint John

A pilot project by the City of Saint John aims to target excessive speeding in two neighbourhoods.

City officials said last week work has already begun to install speed cushions along McNamara Drive in East Saint John and Cedarwood Drive in Millidgeville, identified as high risk after a speed and volume analysis completed over the last two years.

Work is already underway to identify a potential third street.

“Many Saint John residents are letting us know they are concerned with excessive speeding and the impact it has on the safety of their neighbourhoods,” said Tim O’Reilly, director of public works for the City of Saint John, in a news release.

“We are pleased to launch this pilot project and, based on the results, are hoping to expand these safety measures to other neighbourhoods.”

The city said speed cushions are used to combat speeding and encourage “traffic calming” while minimizing impacts to other road users, including emergency vehicles, buses and cyclists.

Officials said the pilot will run into the spring of 2024, measuring speed reduction in these two neighbourhoods.

“If successful, this will become an ongoing, expanded initiative to increase safety measures on more streets and neighbourhoods through the city,” the city said in the release.

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