N.B. launches addiction treatment centre in Campbellton

A new addiction treatment facility for Campbellton is now open and treating patients, provincial officials announced last week.

The Centre for Hope and Harmony, a new addiction treatment facility managed by the Vitalité Health Network, is part of a $24.5 million effort to improve access to detox programs and concurrent disorder treatments for those struggling with addiction.

“This centre was built to provide hope and a way to overcome the very real struggles facing each patient,” said Sherry Wilson, New Brunswick’s minister responsible for mental health and addictions, in a news release.

“Where there is hope there is a chance to recover.”

Wilson said the centre will ensure New Brunswickers can access mental health and addiction services. The new building features family and therapy rooms, a cafeteria, a gym, a games room, a multicultural space and a smudge room.

Officials said the number of beds used for concurrent disorder treatment services, reserved for patients with substance use or gambling problems, will increase from 12 beds to 18.

The province also said patients will be offered individual intervention plans with supportive services and strategies to reduce the risks of relapses and help them transition back into their communities.

Health Minister Bruce Fitch said the centre is important to Vitalité’s mental health network.

“It takes strength to acknowledge one’s struggles, so, it is crucial we have these safe spaces where patients can access the support they need on their journey to mental wellness,” he said.

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