$1.1M investment to extend McAdam train station’s tourism season

Officials from the provincial and federal governments were in McAdam on Friday to unveil investments that would extend the tourism season at the town’s historic train station.

New Brunswick, in partnership with Ottawa, announced more than $1 million to fund upgrades to the McAdam Railway Station’s energy system. The province is investing $350,000, while the federal government is providing $750,000.

Both levels of government say the money aims to reduce heating costs at the station and extend its tourism season.

“The McAdam Railway Station is the hub of the community of McAdam and a beloved attraction for residents and for visitors to and from the province,” said Kathy Bockus, New Brunswick’s minister responsible for seniors.

She spoke on behalf of Regional Development Corporation minister Réjean Savoie.

“With this investment, the McAdam Historical Restoration Commission will be able to install geothermal heating, extend the season, increase visitation and contribute to the local economy.”

Provincial officials said the project aims to support installing a new geothermal green energy system, reducing the organization’s electricity costs by at least 50 per cent.

It’s estimated that the savings would allow the McAdam Railway Station to extend its tourism season to eight months, up from its current four.

Elsie Carroll, president of the McAdam Historical Restoration Commission, said the funding will make it possible for the train station to meet current and future needs of what she called a “treasured icon.”

“This initiative ensures a healthy environment and a viable economy that will thrive in a low-carbon world due to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” she said in a news release.

“Not only are the objectives of this project a priority of governments at all levels, but likewise for our organization.”

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