N.B. nurse’s ‘lack of judgement’ caused injuries to patient

A New Brunswick nurse’s lack of critical thinking and judgement resulted in a patient sustaining serious injuries, according to the Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB).

The association’s Discipline Committee said Allen Paul Famatid has had his registration suspended after an act that’s been deemed as “a risk to patient safety.

Officials said Famatid allegedly heated a dry towel in a staff microwave and applied it to a patient’s abdomen, causing smoke, a burnt towel, and injuries to the patient.

It isn’t known when or where the alleged incident took place, but the act illustrated a lack of critical thinking and professional judgment, the association said.

“Mr. Famatid admits that in addition to being unsafe and a risk to patient safety, the use of a staff microwave to heat an object that was then applied to a patient’s skin was unsanitary,” reads the decision by the NANB.

The Discipline Committee suspended Famatid’s registration last August until unnamed conditions were met.

“When those conditions are met, Mr. Famatid will be eligible to apply for a conditional registration,” the decision reads.