New air ambulance service expands to Grand Manan

An Ontario-based aviation company wants to bring its air ambulance team to New Brunswick to better access to services in more remote areas.

Voyageur Aviation, a subsidiary of Chorus Aviation, announced last week amended its contact with Ambulance New Brunswick to bring air ambulance services to Grand Manan.

“For over 25 years, Voyageur Aviation has served as the main air ambulance provider for New Brunswick,” said Cory Cousineau, president of Voyageur Aviation, in a news release.

“As we continue to collaborate with Ambulance New Brunswick and the Department of Health to enhance our services for the province, our team will maintain safe and reliable operations for the people of New Brunswick and the island of Grand Manan.”

Voyageur says it currently operates two aircraft for Ambulance New Brunswick. The contact amendment allows for broader usage of the secondary aircraft to bring air ambulance services to Grand Manan.

The island used to have its own medevac service through Atlantic Charters, but it was suspended in December after new Transport Canada regulations took effect.

Both aircraft are equipped with crucial medical and life-saving equipment.

Operational details are still being worked out, as Voyageur said it is in the process of recruiting pilots.

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