Pain at the pumps ‘can’t stop, won’t stop’

New Brunswickers are continuing to feel the pain at the pumps after this week’s fuel price adjustments by the Energy and Utilities Board.

Motorists would have woken up Friday morning to regular self-serve gasoline now costs $185.3 per litre, up by 3.2 cents.

Diesel prices also spiked by 9.5 cents to $195.0 per litre.

Most retailers typically sell both gas and diesel for a few cents less than the maximum asking price.

Those buying furnace oil or propane might also feel the extra pinch.

The new maximum price for heating oil is now $183.4 per litre, up 9.5 cents. Propane, however, only ticked up by 1.1 cents to $112.0 per litre.

New Brunswick’s Energy and Utilities Board resets petroleum prices every Thursday night at midnight.

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