Government funding brings six new pickleball courts to Fredericton

Is anyone up for a game of pickleball?

All levels of government are coming together to attract more Frederictonians to the game.

Officials unveiled $232,052 on Tuesday for the Fredericton Pickleball Club to build six new accessible pickleball courts in the hopes of benefiting current membership while also attracting more players.

“The Fredericton Pickleball Club’s new courts will promote active and healthy lifestyles while allowing everyone to play,” said Jenica Atwin, the member of parliament for Fredericton, in a statement.

Ottawa is investing $127,930 through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) and the provincial government is supporting the project through $104,122 provided by the Regional Development Corporation (RDC).

Meanwhile, the City of Fredericton announced a donation of land for the courts located at the Willie O’Ree Sports Complex, located on the city’s north side.

“Pickleball is considered the fastest growing sport in North America — and Fredericton is no exception,” said Fredericton Mayor Kate Rogers in a statement, noting residents of all ages are playing the game.

According to, more than one million Canadians play pickleball.

“The land provided by the City for the new courts will give more people a chance to get involved in the growing sport. These new courts will also help residents to stay active, get outside and to keep well,” said Rogers.

Alden Briggs, president of the Fredericton Pickleball Club (FPC), said his organization struggles to keep up with player demand and hopes the new pickleball courts will put the club to provide more outdoor programming for its 350 members and newbies.

“FPC has been incredibly fortunate to secure support from our federal, provincial and municipal governments, as well as from our own club members, the J.T. Clark Family Foundation and the businesses and citizens of Fredericton,” he said.

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