Saint John begins annual hydrant flushing

Saint Johners shouldn’t be alarmed if their tap water looks a little cloudy over the next few weeks.

Officials from the City of Saint John says its annual fire hydrant flushing program will begin on July 17 in the South Central Peninsula.

The flushing, which will take place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., may affect also residents in Haymarket Square, Douglas Avenue and areas North and South of the Saint John Throughway.

“Customers may experience cloudy water when running taps during the time the pipes on their street are being flushed however the water is safe to consume,” the city said.

“Though customers may encounter a drop in water pressure, at no time should they be without water.”

Officials say as the hydrant flushing program continues throughout the summer, the city will update residents on locations and schedule.