Survey finds most Canadians aren’t getting enough sleep

HALIFAX — You might not be getting as much shut-eye as you’re supposed to, according to the results of a new study.

More than 1,200 Canadians participated in a poll by Narrative Research, which found one-third of Canadians only get three or fewer nights of restful sleep per week. The Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines recommend adults get seven to nine hours of sleep.

“The results show Canadian sleep patterns appear to be trending downward, with three in ten saying their ability to sleep is worse now than three years ago,” the survey found.

“Sixteen per cent say they are sleeping better, and fifty-two per cent say their sleep ability to sleep is unchanged.”

The poll suggests only 68 per cent of respondents get four or more nights of restful sleep in a typical week, while 32 per cent get three or fewer. Just 16 per cent of Canadians felt they were getting a full seven nights of restful sleep per week.

Narrative Research says women are less likely than men to report getting four or more restful nights of sleep a week. Baby Boomers and Gen-Zers were more likely than Gen-Xers and Millennials to get more than four nights of restful sleep.

Results are consistent across the country, but residents of Ontario and Quebec were slightly better rested.

Most Canadians appear to be trying to get enough sleep, with 22 per cent reporting using prescribed medication to help them catch some Z’s and four in ten using “over the counter” sleep aids.