Fredericton sees big jump in graffiti vandalism

Fredericton police say it has noticed a significant increase in graffiti vandalism across the city’s downtown, according to figures released by the force last week.

In a news release, investigators said there were 210 reported occurrences of graffiti reported to police between January to June. Meanwhile, 131 incidents were reported in 2022, which is a major increase from the 43 cases reported in 2021.

“While some may hear the word “graffiti” and consider the act a form of art or mode of freestyle expression, the reality is that graffiti is an act of vandalism that costs Fredericton taxpayers and private business owners,” police said in a statement.

The surge in graffiti vandalism mainly affects the downtown core and other surrounding areas on private and public property, police say, including buildings, street and traffic signs, power poles, bridges, construction sites, mailboxes and dumpsters.

Officers say the city has spent more than $75,000 to remove graffiti on municipal property.

Investigators say the “Report, Remove, Repeat” approach is the most effective way to combat graffiti vandalism.

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