Gas, propane costs go down: EUB

Weekly price adjustments by the Energy and Utilities Board on Thursday night mean some drivers will pay a bit less to fill their fuel tanks, but will cost a tad more for others.

New Brunswickers who use regular self-serve gasoline can expect to pay a maximum of $164.6 per litre, a decrease of 2.4 cents.

Meanwhile, the cost of diesel went up slightly by six-tenths of a cent to a new maximum price of $158.6 per litre.

The majority of gas stations across the province sell both for a few cents less than the maximum sale price.

Residents who purchase furnace oil will also be subject to a minor increase of eight-tenths of a cent to $140.2 per litre.

Propane, on the other hand, decreased to $100.7 per litre, a difference of 1.2 cents.

New Brunswick’s Energy and Utilities Board adjusts petroleum prices every Thursday night at midnight.

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