Watch out for blue-green algae this summer: health officials

As summer approaches, the provincial government is reminding New Brunswickers to watch out for blue-green algae.

Public Health said this week the Cyanobacteria, which can pose health risks, may be present in lakes and rivers used for recreational purposes.

“We want all residents to be active and enjoy the outdoors, but we also want them to understand and consider the potential risks of exposure to blue-green algae,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health.

Cyanobacteria are naturally occurring bacteria found in many bodies of water that pose potential health risks to humans and animals.

The province began work last summer installing Cyanobacteria signs at several ponds, lakes and rivers across New Brunswick.

More will be installed in the coming months, officials say.

“While enjoying any recreational water, there are things you can do help protect yourself,” said Russell.

“Algal blooms can be unpredictable, so it is important that you always check the water before entering.”

Russell said if a bloom is present, it is recommended residents avoid activities that involve contact with the water.