N.B. to send firefighters to battle Alberta wildfires

The Government of New Brunswick said Tuesday it plans to send nearly two dozen firefighters and support staff to Alberta this week in response to that province’s major wildfires.

Thousands of Albertans have been forced to evacuate their homes over the last week due to wildfires burning across the province. As of Monday, there were 98 active wildfires, including 27 deemed out of control.

According to the province’s Department of Natural Resources, it will send 20 firefighters and two support staff to the prairie province. Staff will leave on Thursday and aren’t expected to return for at least two weeks.

“The department provides assistance when conditions permit, and with the present and predicted low fire hazard across our province, it can send staff to help,” said department spokesperson Nick Brown.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has also requested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to send in the military to assist if necessary.

“Tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes and their jobs, leaving behind everything they own, wondering if they will lose everything that they worked for,” she said.

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