Woodstock police issue several fines, warnings to local ATVers

Several ATV owners in the Woodstock area may have received warnings or fines from local police recently, the force said last week.

Woodstock police said on April 26 that officers carried out ATV enforcement over the weekend of April 22 after concerns from residents about ATV safety.

The move was aimed at promoting ATV safety on roads and trails, while also deterring illegal and dangerous behaviour.

“During the operation, officers issued a combination of tickets and warnings to ATV riders who were found to be in violation of traffic laws and regulations,” the force said in a news release.

“Officers were focused on enforcing speed limits, ensuring proper helmet use, and checking for other equipment and regulatory violations, such as licence, insurance and registration requirements.”

Police say six drivers were ticketed for provincial offences, including three for failing to stop.

Meanwhile, 11 were given warnings for minor infractions.

“Enforcing traffic laws and regulations is an important part of our job as police officers,” said Mark Bennett, deputy chief of the Woodstock Police Force, in a news release.

“Our goal is not to ruin anyone’s fun, but rather to ensure that everyone is operating their vehicle safely and responsibly.”

Investigators say they will continue to conduct ATV spot checks in the future and encourages riders to be aware of the laws and regulations.

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