Increased SPCA funding to combat animal abuse

The New Brunswick SPCA is getting more funding to prevent animal cruelty, thanks to an investment unveiled Friday by the province’s Department of Environment and Local Government.

Officials say the department is increasing the SPCA’s annual funding by $500,000.

Local Government and Local Governance Reform Minister Daniel Allain said animal welfare is important to New Brunswickers, adding the province must ensure it has the tools to combat abuse and neglect.

The province says animal cruelty complaints have increased by nearly 20 per cent over the past two years. The additional funding will help cover operational costs like investigations, enforcement, follow-ups, and salaries for staff and animal protection officers.

“This is a very important increase to our animal protection services,” said Lesley Rogers, the executive director of the New Brunswick SPCA.

“Animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do and this substantial increase in provincial core funding will provide a strong foundation for us to deal with the increased volume and complexity of complaints we have been receiving.”

New Brunswick is the only province that licenses pet breeders, pet stores, overnight dog kennels and animal shelters. The SPCA inspects establishments yearly to ensure pets are bred and raised in a safe and healthy environment.