Edmundston police test body cams in new pilot project

A pilot project will test the effectiveness of body cameras worn by members of the Edmundston Police Force, officials said Wednesday.

Village staff said in a statement during the month of April and for a period of two months, four officers will test the cameras during their shifts.

“The body cameras will be on at all times, but it will be up to the police officer to determine when to start recording,” said Steve Robinson, chief of the Edmundston Police Force.

“An audible signal and flashing lights will let the police and members of the public know that the device is recording the intervention.”

Robinson said the body cameras act as a complementary tool to “maintain order,” adding it brings a different perspective on what happened and what the police officer saw or heard.

According to Ville d’Edmundston, local police have had camera and microphone systems in police cars for several years, so officers are already familiar with recording interventions.

Edmundston is the latest municipality in New Brunswick to adopt body cameras for police, joining major cities like Saint John and Fredericton.

“As a result of this pilot project, we will be able to make an informed decision on whether our members should wear this type of body camera or not,” said Robinson.