Earmarking more cash for roads, infrastructure

The provincial government is earmarking more cash to go toward maintaining roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Officials say the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure’s budget is increasing by more than $29 million this year to a grand total of more than $378.9 million.

Government says that’s on top of the department’s capital budget of $562.8 million.

“This budget demonstrates our government’s commitment to making the necessary investments across the province in a strategic and responsible way,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Jeff Carr in a news release.

“We always have an eye on the future, so the additional funds will help as we renew our infrastructure to ensure the continued safety of New Brunswickers.”

The province says the department will invest $111.7 million in summer and winter road maintenance, which will pothole repairs and snow removal as well as $84.5 million in the bridge program.

Officials also plan to invest $34.8 million in ferries, $66.2 million in governmental building operations and maintenance, and $9.8 million in the radio communications branch.

“We continue to be prudent with taxpayers’ money,” said Carr.

“The department continues to make the necessary investments to maintain and improve our existing infrastructure.”