Most Fuel Prices Up, Propane Goes Down

Filling up at the gas pumps is going to cost New Brunswickers some extra money this week after the Energy and Utilities Board’s price adjustments on Thursday night.

Officials say it’s now going to cost drivers who fill up with regular self serve gasoline a $1.64 per litre, a modest increase of 4.7 cents.

Meanwhile, New Brunswickers who drive a diesel fuelled vehicle will also pay slightly more for gas at $187.9 per litre, an increase of 0.4 cents.

Most retailers across New Brunswick sell gasoline and diesel for less than the maximum prices set.

Furnace oil prices also rose this week to $167.5 per litre, which is an increase of 0.4 cents per litre.

Propane, on the other hand, was the only fuel to decrease in cost, with prices reported to have dropped by 2.9 cents to be $106.7

New Brunswick’s Energy and Utilities Board adjusts petroleum prices every Thursday night at midnight.

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