What Farmers Need To Know About New Federal Funding

OTTAWA (NC) — The federal government is looking to strengthen and grow the agriculture sector with $1 billion in funding to support federal-only programming through the Sustainable Canadian Agriculture Partnership, or Sustainable CAP.

This partnership brings together the federal, provincial and territorial governments with a five-year agreement totalling $3.5 billion intended to advance work on the five priorities agreed to in the Guelph Statement of 2021.

These include:

  • Tackling climate change with environmental protection to support reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while continuing to seize economic opportunities
  • Building sector capacity, growth and competitiveness through the value of agri-food and agri-products
  • Continued investment in science, research and innovation
  • Supporting sustainable agriculture and economic growth for market development and trade
  • Enhancing public trust and resiliency to risk

Sustainable CAP is replacing the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and aims to enable competitiveness, innovation and resilience. At a time when global food security is a growing concern, this funding looks to help keep farmers sustainable and competitive on an international scale.

Farmers looking to take advantage of federal programs and activities can submit their applications as of March 1, 2023. Learn more at agriculture.canada.ca/sustainable-cap.

This report was first published by News Canada.

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