New Rules To Make It Easier To Hire Nurses: GNB

It’s about to get easier for nurses across Canada to register for work in New Brunswick.

The Nurses Association of New Brunswick announced Monday that the registration process for nurses from across Canada would be expedited in New Brunswick.

It will also submit a plan to speed up registration and licensing processes for internationally-trained nurses.

Health Minister Bruce Fitch said in a statement the province is pleased with the association’s work to change registration requirements so nurses from other areas can work in New Brunswick.

“We look forward to further conversations with them in the coming weeks,” he said.

Dorothy Shephard, New Brunswick’s minister of social development, said the changes are in line with regulations in Nova Scotia, which she believes is in New Brunswick’s best interests “given the current labour shortage crisis.”

“I am proud of the approach taken by the association to relieve the burden on devoted nurses who want to come live and work in New Brunswick,” she said.

As president of the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, Julie Weir said her organization is committed to supporting public safety by registering safe and competent nurses.

“We believe these rule changes will assist the health-care system in addressing the current nurse shortage in our province,” she said.