N.B. Proposes Stiff Rules For Speeding Drivers

The Government of New Brunswick has introduced stiffer punishments for residents who get caught speeding and new rules for drivers who let their licenses expire.

Officials say two proposed amendments to the province’s Motor Vehicle Act mean road runners would face hefty fines, demerit points off of their license and even have their vehicles impounded.

“After consultations with various organizations, groups and departments it was determined that the act needs updates to protect residents, police officers and peace officers,” said Public Safety Minister Kris Austin in a statement.

If approved, anyone caught driving between 50 and 80 kilometres over the speed limit would have their vehicle impounded for seven days and five points taken off of their license, as well as a $500 fine.

Meanwhile, drivers caught going more than 80 kilometres over the speed limit would have their vehicle impounded for 30 days, be fined $1,000 and lose six points off their license.

Other proposed amendments include requiring drivers to retake the written and road test if their license is more than five years out of date, as well as amending the definition of an authorized emergency vehicle.

New Brunswick’s Department of Justice and Public Safety says it’s been established practice to require those who have let their licence expire to re-take the written and road test, but it is not supported by any provision of the Motor Vehicle Act.

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  1. More taxes. You shouldn’t even have to renew your license. Here’s a change for you no tax when selling your used vehicle.

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