Mixed Messages At N.B. Gas Prices This Week

Some mixed messages at the gas pumps this week after New Brunswick’s energy and utilities board made its weekly price adjustments.

Drivers filling up on regular self serve gasoline Friday will pay $159.3 per litre, a slight increase of .7 cents.

Meanwhile, the most that New Brunswickers can expect to pay for diesel is $187.5 per litre, a decrease of 1.6 cents.

Most gas gurus, however, had predicted a price drop of roughly three cents per litre for both fuels.

Retailers across New Brunswick typically sell gasoline and diesel for less than the maximum prices set by the EUB.

Those who use furnace oil to heat their homes are paying $167.1 per litre, which is a drop of 1.5 cents.

Propane currently sells for $109.6 per litre, down by 2.9 cents.

New Brunswick’s Energy and Utilities Board adjusts petroleum prices every Thursday night at midnight.