Prison Seizes Package Containing Naloxone, Meth, Shatter

Federal prison officials in northeastern New Brunswick confiscated a contraband package last month that included several types of drugs, including a medication used to treat opioid addiction and overdoses.

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) says the incident took place on Feb. 27 at the Atlantic Institution in Renous, N.B.

“The contraband and unauthorized items seized included Suboxone tablets and strips, methamphetamine crystal and pills, hashish, shatter and shatter papers, a cell phone, a charger, SIM cards, a USB key and a micro SD adapter,” reads a statement issued Wednesday by Correctional Service Canada.

“The total estimated institutional value of this seizure is $19,500.”

According to Harvard University, Suboxone is a medication that contains buprenorphine and naloxone, one of the main ways of treating opioid addiction. Meanwhile, Shatter is a cannabis extract that contains concentrated versions of butane hash oil and high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

It’s one of the newest and more potent forms of cannabis.

CSC says they notified the police about the seizure, adding that there is an ongoing investigation at the prison.