Lori Clark Officially Named NB Power’s President, CEO

NB Power has officially appointed Lori Clark as president and CEO, making her the first woman to permanently hold the job, the utility announced Monday.

Clark previously served as the Crown corporation’s senior vice president of operations, but took the role of acting president and CEO in July 2022 after former head Keith Cronkhite stepped down.

Charles Firlotte, chair of NB Power’s board of directors, said at the time that the organization had to undergo a “significant transformation,” citing challenges with a global energy crisis, excessive debt levels and phasing out fossil fuels.

“NB Power is on the cusp of a transformation that will place us in a stronger financial position, allow us to meet customer needs in the future and continue our path to cleaner, greener energy,” said Firlotte on Monday.

“For the last eight months, Lori has shown herself to be a dynamic champion of change who is committed to New Brunswick and to building a strong future for NB Power.”

Clark’s official appointment makes her NB Power’s first female CEO in the corporation’s history.

She said her company plays a critical role for New Brunswickers and wants to place the utility “in a stronger financial position” that meets customer needs and contributes to a more environmentally sustainable future.

“The electric-utility industry is going through an exciting transformation. I believe NB Power has a bright future as New Brunswick’s energy provider and I’m proud to lead this team in my new role,” said Clark.

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