U.S. President Biden To Visit Canada This Week

OTTAWA — U.S. President Joe Biden will make his first presidential trip to Canada later this week as he meets with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to work on several key partnerships between the two countries.

The prime minister’s office says Biden will travel to Canada from March 23 to 24. A statement says the two leaders are meeting to “strengthen trade ties, create good jobs, grow the middle class and drive economic growth” that benefits both countries.

“Canada and the United States are allies, neighbours and most importantly, friends,” said Trudeau in a statement.

“As we face increasing global uncertainty, we will continue working together as we defend our continent and our shared values, create more opportunities for people and businesses on both sides of the border, and build strong economies as reliable suppliers as we move toward a net-zero world.”

Officials say Biden and Trudeau will also discuss increasing collaboration between Canada and the United States focused on national defence and security, climate action and immigration.

They will also discuss further cooperation and support on global issues like the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing crisis in Haiti.

The PMO says this will be Biden’s first in-person visit to Canada since becoming president in January 2021. He will be joined by First Lady Jill Biden.

Biden will also address parliament, officials say.

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