N.B. Launches Crown Corporation On Housing

New Brunswick will renew the provincial housing corporation as a separate entity overseeing housing initiatives, facilities, strategy and residential tenancy services.

Service New Brunswick Minister Jill Green says a bolstered Crown corporation will give officials the focus, resources and unified approach needed to address housing challenges.

Officials say the minister responsible for housing will lead the corporation, supported by a board of directors, senior leaders and a support team.

“The renewed corporation, with its expanded mandate, will be well positioned to face our housing challenge head-on,” said Social Development Minister Dorothy Shephard.

Alex LeBlanc, board president of the Housing Hub of New Brunswick, said his organization is encouraged to see the province implement ways to support sustainable and affordable housing.

“We look forward to working with the province as a partner and stakeholder in working towards positive outcomes from this initiative,” he said.

Several legislative changes are required before the new corporation can be fully operational. Green said these changes will be introduced this spring and finalized with Royal Assent in June.

“We are working diligently to finalize the details and hope to have more information to share during the housing summit in May,” she said.