Province, Ottawa Invest $15M To Repair, Upgrade Harbour Bridge

One of Saint John’s busiest roadways will receive more repairs and upgrades, thanks to a $15 million investment by the provincial and federal governments.

The Government of New Brunswick announced Tuesday the Saint John Harbour Bridge will receive up to $7.7 million in provincial money, while federal cash will cover up to $7.3 million.

New Brunswick Transportation Minister Jeff Carr says the bridge is a critical piece of infrastructure vital to the movement of goods and people, so ongoing upgrades will extend its life.

“We want to ensure we are doing all we can to manage our infrastructure,” he said in a news release.

Officials say the Harbour Bridge is one of the largest structures maintained by New Brunswick’s department of transportation and infrastructure.

Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra says projects like bridge repairs represent a great opportunity to increase New Brunswick’s trade capacity and alleviate congestion issues.

“By investing in infrastructure projects like these, we will improve the movement of goods through Canada’s transportation networks and strengthen Canada’s supply chains,” he said.