Five Ways To Be Your Own Valentine This Year

(NC) — Valentine’s Day is a holiday all about celebrating love.

The most popular, of course, is romantic love, however, there are many other types of love that we can celebrate. Parental love, sibling love, friend love, pet love, and most importantly, self-love.

Whether you’re single, or in a relationship, it’s important to treat yourself.

Here are the essential tips for a date night with yourself this year:

Give your skin some TLC

Give yourself the gift of a spa day in your own home by masking up. Don’t just stop at facial masks, you can get moisturizing masks for your hands, feet, and lips, too.

Life Brand has a great selection for your entire body to leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth.


Bath bombs are a quick and easy way to feel pampered.

Transport yourself to a tropical destination with a Pina Colada bath fizzle, or have your cake and bathe in it too with a fragrant Vanilla Cupcake fizzle.


Did you know that eating chocolate releases the same chemicals in the brain as romantic love?

Since today is all about you, the best news is that you don’t have to share your box of chocolates with anyone.

Give the gift of scent

Another timeless Valentine’s Day tradition is to give flowers. This year, freshen your home with the scents of spring and buy yourself some roses.

Get cozy

Cozy up with some herbal tea or hot chocolate, put on your fuzziest socks and press play on your guilty pleasure TV show or movie.

This is the perfect time to laugh, cry, or scream at the television like no one is watching.

This report was first published by News Canada.

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