Advocate Calls For Review Of N.B. Long-Term Care

New Brunswick’s child, youth and seniors’ advocate wants a systemic review of the province’s long-term care system.

Kelly Lamrock says every New Brunswicker deserves the confidence that they will age happily and securely, and that their independence and dignity will be respected.

“For too many people, that is far from certain.” he said. “The number of Canadians over 85 is expected to triple over the next 30 years, the time to plan is now.”

Officials say the review will look at the needs of New Brunswick’s long-term care system. This includes areas of quality of life, governance, portability, human resources, and quality and security.

Lamrock said New Brunswick needs a long-term care system where home care support, as well as high-quality spaces in nursing homes, are available.

He said the review needs good advice and good research, noting that is a “big task.” But Lamrock hopes it results in “good decisions” made by politicians.

“I am encouraged by the government’s recognition of the need to support aging at home and in the community, and by their ambition to undertake reform of the system in the next year,” he said.

More details about the proposed review can be found here.

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