Red Cross Helped Over 96K Homes After Hurricane Fiona

HALIFAX — The Canadian Red Cross provided aid to more than 96,000 Atlantic households impacted by Hurricane Fiona last September, a report shows.

As one of the strongest Hurricanes on record in Canada, Red Cross officials say Fiona had wide scale impacts, including massive destruction of property and lengthy power outages.

About $54 million raised by Canadians through the Hurricane Fiona in Canada Appeal allowed volunteers to help individuals and families from more than 96,000 households impacted by Fiona.

“The number of people registered with the Red Cross following Hurricane Fiona exceeded any other disaster event in Canada’s history,” said Louise Castonguay, vice-president of Atlantic Canada for the Canadian Red Cross.

That relief included lodging, clothing, cots and blankets, food, hygiene kits, psychosocial and well-being support, and emergency financial assistance.

“Assisting 96,000 households in a three-month period would not have been accomplished without more than 1,000 Red Cross volunteers and staff who worked hard to help those in need,” said Castonguay.