Provincial, Federal Money Funds Miramichi Affordable Housing

The City of Miramichi will grow and expand its affordable housing projects, thanks to an investment by the provincial and federal governments and some community partners.

Officials say $13.3 million will help create and renovate 49 units tailored towards women and children escaping domestic violence, youth-at-risk and seniors.

Dorothy Shephard, New Brunswick’s minister of social development, said housing issues are a priority and the provincial government is pleased to offer support.

“Thanks to the partnership with many developers, we expect to see the creation of hundreds of new affordable housing units in the coming years,” she said.

ESAH Development, a three-storey building under construction at 344 Wellington St., will feature 21 mixed-market units, 10 of which will be affordable housing units.

The province expects construction to be complete next month.

Ottawa provided $2.4 million, while the provincial government is providing $1.19 million in rent supplement funding over 20 years.

That’s on top of an extra $600,000 through New Brunswick’s Affordable Rental Housing Program (AHRP) and $136,000 provided by the City of Miramichi.

“The City of Miramichi has made the development of affordable housing a top priority and is pleased to be a pro-active partner in funding these much-needed housing projects,” said Miramichi Mayor Adam Lordon.

A project consisting of 20 affordable housing units located at 2108 Water St. received just under $2.5 million from the federal government and $2.83 million from the province.

The City of Miramichi is investing $140,000 for the development, which is expected to be complete in August.

Frieda’s House, an eight-unit complex being built at 45 Waterfront Dr., is the focus of the Miramichi Emergency Centre for Women and is for women and children fleeing violence.

Ottawa funded just under $1.8 million and the provincial government invested $705,618 and $950,000 in rent supplements over 20 years.

The City of Miramichi is contributing just over $90,000 for the project, which is expected to be completed in June.

“We are committed to working with developers and non-profit organizations to continue to help our vulnerable population and build the affordable housing units our community urgently needs,” said Lordon.

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