Proposals Sought To Increase Preschool, Infant Care Access

Government officials want public proposals on creating new preschools and childcare spaces that provide more accessible access to high-quality, inclusive early learning and childcare.

Education Minister Bill Hogan says New Brunswick families voiced their concerns about the challenges they face accessing early learning and childcare services.

In a news release, he says a key element to improving service for families is to ensure they are accessible, no matter where a family lives.

“This is particularly true when it comes to supporting mothers who are looking to return to the labour force,” said Hogan in the release.

“Through this new call-for-proposals process, we are focusing on increasing access in communities with the greatest needs while also recognizing the high demand for infant spaces.”

Residents, community partners and daycare operators have until March 15 to submit proposals to open new spaces for children aged five and under.

The province aims to create 3,400 new childcare spaces by 2026.

Details about funding and how to submit proposals can be found here.