Illegal Drug Activity Shuts Down Fredericton Property

The Government of New Brunswick shut down a Fredericton home after being used for illegal drug activity.

Peace officers carried out a community safety order at 439 Osmond Lane and ordered all people to vacate the property for 90 days starting on Jan. 23.

“Community safety orders are issued by a judge following the submission of evidence that a property has been habitually used for a specified use adversely affecting a community or neighbourhood,” reads a government news release.

“The Safer Communities Program helps residents and communities by holding property owners accountable for illegal activities that occur on their property.”

Officials say those activities include producing, selling or using illegal drugs, prostitution and the unlawful sale or consumption of alcohol and cannabis.

They also can involve unlawful activities linked to or promoting organized crime, child sexual abuse/exploitation, unlawful gaming activities and possession of illegal firearms or explosives.