$2M In Government Support For N.B. Food Banks

An investment by the provincial government aims to help purchase healthy food for soup kitchens and food banks across New Brunswick.

In a news release, the Government of New Brunswick committed $2 million for Food Depot Alimentaire, a Moncton-based non-profit serving food banks, community kitchens and school programs.

“The Food Depot Alimentaire has played a vital role in providing help to those in need,” said Bruce Fitch, New Brunswick’s health minister, in the release.

“We know there is a high demand in the province and without their work it would be much more difficult for households who rely on food banks to feed themselves and their families.”

Officials say the government provided $1 million of the funding before Christmas, with the second $1 million expected to arrive in March.

Compared to 2021, the province says food banks and soup kitchens experienced a 30 per cent increase in visits in 2022. Officials expect demand to continue in 2023 due to food, fuel and housing costs.

“We appreciate the support the government has provided us during this difficult time of increased demand,” said Dale Hicks, president of Food Depot Alimentaire.