Poll Suggests Most Canadians Wish To Skip Winter

It might be a marshmallow world in the winter, but a new poll suggests most Canadians would actually rather jump right to the spring.

A survey conducted by Halifax-based Narrative Research in November found that fewer than four in 10 Canadians are excited about winter and winter activities.

Meanwhile, six in ten respondents said they would rather skip the snow. Across the country, those living in Atlantic Canada and the Prairies were more like to dread the snow.

The organization found overall excitement for winter activities decreased with age, noting that, compared to Baby Boomers, Gen Z was far more likely to look forward to winter.

Recent immigrants to Canada were also found to feel more excited about snow than immigrants who arrived more than 11 years ago, second and third-generation Canadians.

Narrative Research conducted the online survey between Nov. 8 and 11 with 1,243 Canadians.