New Roundabout Opens On Fredericton’s North Side

Residents of Fredericton’s north side can now access commercial and retail areas along Brookside Drive and other neighbourhoods through a new multi-lane roundabout.

The provincial government contributed about $5 million to the project, located at the corner of Route 105 and Brookside Drive.

“This new roundabout for Fredericton North will improve safety and enhance traffic access for drivers using Brookside Drive and Route 105,” said Jill Green, New Brunswick’s transportation minister.

“Roundabouts are proven to be an effective tool in reducing the number and severity of traffic collisions, and it is great to see this project complete and moving traffic safely through this area.”

Officials say the design aims to improve traffic flow, including the reduction of delays, congestion and idling for the more than 36,000 vehicles that pass through the intersection daily.

The province says some related construction activities will continue in the area over the coming weeks, which could require lane closures.