Canadians Mixed On Pumpkin Spice Season: Poll

With the arrival of colder weather, a new poll indicates Canadians are mostly divided about their feelings about pumpkin spice season.

Narrative Research asked 1,230 Canadians last month and found one-third love pumpkin-spiced food and drinks. One-quarter of those polled said they were not a fan.

Four in 10 Canadians said they “could take it or leave it.” Only five per cent of respondents said they are unaware of what pumpkin spice is.

Residents of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador were less likely to enjoy pumpkin spice treats, along with homemakers, students or retirees.

Millennials and Gen Z were more likely to look forward to pumpkin-spiced foods and beverages compared to older Canadians.

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