Extension Granted For N.B. Systemic Racism Report

New Brunswick’s commissioner on systemic racism has until Dec. 31 to complete her final report and submit recommendations to the provincial government.

Manju Varma has been engaged with stakeholders over the last year to assess and understand the nature and impact of systemic racism in New Brunswick.

“This has been an incredibly challenging journey, especially for those who have entrusted me with their experiences of racism in New Brunswick,” said Varma in a news release.

“I have seen significant interest from a broad spectrum of the population here and it’s important that those who want to participate have the opportunity to do so.”

Varma said pandemic lockdowns have made it difficult to consult with stakeholders, adding that there is data becoming available in October that she wants to include in her final report.

Arlene Dunn, New Brunswick’s minister of aboriginal affairs, said the request is reasonable.

“In light of a handful of circumstances outside anyone’s control, a short extension on her timeline will ensure a more comprehensive and inclusive report,” said Dunn.

“We look forward to seeing the final report at the end the year.”

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