Think Twice About That Back-To-School Post: RCMP

As children return to school in the coming weeks, the RCMP says parents should be weary about their back-to-school posts on social media.

In a post made to social media, Mounties say parents should err on the side of caution before they share by keeping personal information out of photos.

The RCMP created an example post with Cst. Trail of the Sylvan Lake RCMP in Alberta.

“[It] contains lots of personal information about your child, including their name, age, what grade they are in, who their teacher is and where they go to school,” read the social media post.

“All information that predators or scammers would love to know.”

Experts suggest leaving out any information that could possibly be used to build a child’s trust and post a bare minimum, such as their favourite subject.

Parents should also talk with their children about stranger danger and teach them ways to protect themselves against possibly dangerous situations.

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