Grandchild Phone Scam Targeting N.B. Seniors

Recent reports of scam activity targeting elderly citizens raised some alarm bells with the Fredericton Police Force this week.

The force is now issuing a public warning to be on the lookout.

Police say the scams typically involve grandparents receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be a grandchild. The caller says they were arrested and need bail money.

Scammers often know the names of family members and other details when they are requesting cash, so the call sounds more legitimate.

“Once the cash has been withdrawn from the bank, someone is sent over to their house to pick up the money, or they are asked to wire the funds to an account,” said Fredericton police in a statement.

Police ask residents to discuss this type of fraud with family members and friends to ensure they do not become a victim.

Officers have a couple of tips to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Be suspicious of calls that demand money.
  • No police agency will ever demand immediate payment of any kind.
  • Do not ever give out personal information to unsolicited callers.
  • Contact another family member to confirm the story.
  • Remember to never send money to someone under uncertain conditions.
  • Don’t be afraid to say “No.”
  • Hang up.

The public is asked to report crimes by contacting Fredericton Police or Crime Stoppers. More details on the scam can be found through the Canadian Bankers Association here.

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